How To Sell Your Device ?

For selling your items, you have 3 method to choose:

1) Walk in to our store

2) We will set rider to pickup from your place 

3) Post your item to us




Here are the steps for you to follow before sending your item to us:


Step 1

Contact our Sales Team first to get quotation for your device 

The value of the product depends on the condition and the accessories included



Step 2

Backup your data

Backup your important data such as Contacts, Notes, Photos and Videos, and etc before you format the device. For iPhone user, please click "Back Up Now" on your iCloud and make sure all your wanted data is enabled.  



Step 3

Log-out your credentials 

Please log-out all of your account in the phone such as Apple ID, Gmail account, Huawei account and etc.

Failure to log-out this accounts in your smartphone will deem the product unusable and will be considered as spare parts.



Step 4

Reset your smartphone before handling it to us

Our staff can help you reset your smartphone but we will not take any responsibility regarding your data, unless your data are already backup as mentioned above.



Step 5

Quick Test

Our staff will run a quick diagnostic test to your smartphone. Here's some of what we check for:

  • Physical condition of the smartphone, enclosure or back glass, and camera lenses
  • Front and back camera functionality
  • Touchscreen functionality
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality
  • All buttons on the smartphone
  • SIM card functionality
  • Charging and USB connectivity
  • Speaker and earpiece sound quality
  • Battery health



Step 6

Confirming your process

Please confirm this selling process in chats or in person and then we will proceed to pay you with cash money or transfer it to your bank account.